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Audio Entrainment

The deliberate use of sound to modify the mind has been chronicled throughout history (Aboriginal didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowl, Native American flute, Tribal drum), used as powerful tools of transformation. Modern neuroscientists found audio entrainment to bring about these same binaural beats and tones, induce super learning, memory improvement, creativity.

„Feel“ the BEATS!



The most basic forms of audio entrainment are auditory beats. They form, when two pure tones of a slightly different pitch are played together. Auditory beats typically come in the form of binaural or monaural beats.



Stereo headphones play different high frequencies perceptible to the human in both ears. Their difference gives the target frequency value. Example: you want to tune your brain to 7 Hz you can play a tone with 207 Hz on the left ear and 200 Hz on the right



Two tones same intensity, but in different tone pulse patterns. Human ear perceives only a single beat. Sounds of monaural beats can also be heard without headphones, but technology works more effectively with.



Opposed to binaural and monaural beats, isochronic tones do not need two separate tones to form a beat. It uses a single tone, on and off at an evenly spaced pattern:
Sine Waves – soft
Square Waves – harsh
Sawtooth Waves – whole pulse package plus harmonics!

Music Samples

All sound files represent frequencies between 2 and 18HZ

Chinese Girl: Download
Fly Around: Download
Rhythm of Djembe: Download
Nada Brahma: Download
Sahara Breete: Download
Timeless Space: Download
Wisdom of Life: Download
Silent Savannah: Download